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"In the 30 years that I've been doing this for a living, I've never had a parent say to me, 'I regretted the time I spent with my son or child in Scouting.'"

---Roy L. Williams, Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America

Welcome to BSA Troop 235 website.

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Ages:  Boy Scouts is for all boys ages 11-17 (Grades 5-12).

Meetings:  Troop 235 meets on Tuesday nights at 7:00 in the new Fellowship Building at Red Hill Lutheran Church, located at 13200 Red Hill Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780.

You are always welcome to visit our Troop meetings and learn about our many activities. We are very active and camp almost every month.  You can reach our membership chair at membership@troop235.com and we can schedule a visit and let you know what activities are planned for upcoming meetings.

For Current Members:  If you wish to have an Announcement or Event placed on the Website/EBlast or you need to send a Troop wide E-mail, please email the Webmaster at webmaster@troop235.com.

Note: To protect the privacy of our Scouts, only members are allowed access to this site. If you are a member who needs access, please use the "Contact Us" link and provide your name, your scout's name, and an updated email address

Summer Camp Updates - July 15th 2021

Posted on Jul 15 2021 - 8:54am

Greetings Troop 235 Families,

Please review the attached PDF file for summer camp updates related to the following topics:

  • Getting to Camp – Sunday, July 18th 2021
  • Uniform policy and theme days at camp
  • COVID-19 reminders
  • Care Packages
  • Program updates – Tent Buddy assignments and updates on prerequisites by camp staff
  • Picking up from Camp – Saturday, July 24th 2021
  • Summer Camp Readiness Checklist. All waivers and necessary forms are available on troop website here.

If you have any questions related to summer camp, you can contact me at Pankaj.swami@gmail.com

Summer Camp Readiness Checklist

Posted on Jul 15 2021 - 8:31am

Summer Camp Readiness Checklist


  • Completed gear check against packing list. Make sure all items are labelled with scout’s name and “Troop 235”.
    • Make sure to have mess kit for Wednesday meals.
    • Face masks / coverings required for checking in and for dining room.
    • Swim wear and towel should be easily accessible as we need to do swim test after checking in to camp. We may not get the time to setup our tents before swim tests.
    • ATV, Stables (Horsemanship) and Dirty Jobs (Home Repairs and Metal work) activities require long pants and long sleeves.
    • Scouts who are participating in welding need jeans for safety
  • Submit signed copies of Lost Valley ATV Waivers (link and link) (only scouts attending ATV program) to Mr. Swami.
  • Submit two (2) signed copies of Rifle and Shotgun Permission Form  to Mr. Swami.
  • Submit signed copy of Merit Badge Prerequisite Verification Form to Mr. Swami latest by Saturday, July 17th .Make sure to provide email confirmation from approved MB counselor for completion of any prerequisites.
  • Deposit spending money (in clearly marked envelope) to summer camp banker (Mr. Stewart)
    • Typically scouts will take between $50 and $60 in spending money. It is better to send smaller bills ($1, $5, $10) so they don’t have to carry too much change around. This year, trading post will also accept credit cards.
  • Submit any medications (clearly marked) to summer camp medics (Mr. Tran / Mr. Labahn)
    • Medications such as inhalers and epi-pens must be always kept with the scout. It is strongly recommended to have an extra inhaler and epi-pen with the troop medic for backup.
    • All other medication will be stored in locked storage. All medication must be in original container, clearly marked with content and dosage instructions and should include enough medication for their entire stay at camp. Please include scouts name and troop number on the labels for all medication.
  • Arrive at 33125 Temecula Pkwy, Temecula, CA 92592 no later than 12 noon on Sunday, 18th July 2021.
    • Eat lunch before arriving at Temecula.
    • All scouts and adults will drive from Temecula to Lost Valley Camp together. It will take us roughly 90 minutes to drive from this meeting spot to Lost Valley camp at 31422 Chihuahua Valley Rd, Warner Springs, CA 92086.

Parin L. Eagle Project - Information and Sign Up

Posted on Jul 14 2021 - 12:00pm

Hello everyone,


My name is Parin, and I am currently working on my Eagle Project which involves building a courtyard around the 3 sibling trees of the 9/11 Survivor Tree at the Farm and Food Lab, located in the Great Park in Irvine. I will also be building benches to surround the courtyard

Rank Advancement

Posted on Jul 9 2021 - 7:46pm


July 8th 2021 Summer Camp Updates

Posted on Jul 7 2021 - 9:12pm

Greetings Troop 235 Families,

 Please review the attached PDF for summer camp updates related to:

  • Gear Check
  • Getting to Camp on Sunday, July 18th 2021. Check in time for our troop will be communicated  by staff this weekend.
  • Updated carpooling guidelines from Lost Valley staff
  • Care Packages
  • Summer Camp Readiness checklist

Our final gear check along with an ice cream social is planned for Tuesday, 13th July 2021 at Citrus Ranch Park from 7 PM - 8:30 PM.


If you have any questions about summer camp, you can contact me at pankaj.swami@gmail.com.


Yours In Scouting,

Pankaj Swami

Florida Sea Base Update

Posted on Jul 1 2021 - 4:53am

The Sea Exploring Crew arrived safely at Florida Sea Base. They are looking forward to an amazing week of high adventure!

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