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"In the 30 years that I've been doing this for a living, I've never had a parent say to me, 'I regretted the time I spent with my son or child in Scouting.'"

---Roy L. Williams, Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America

Welcome to BSA Troop 235 website.

Interested in joining our Troop?

Ages:  Boy Scouts is for all boys ages 11-17 (Grades 5-12).

Meetings:  Troop 235 meets on Tuesday nights at 7:00 in the new Fellowship Building at Red Hill Lutheran Church, located at 13200 Red Hill Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780.

You are always welcome to visit our Troop meetings and learn about our many activities. We are very active and camp almost every month.  You can reach our membership chair at membership@troop235.com and we can schedule a visit and let you know what activities are planned for upcoming meetings.

For Current Members:  If you wish to have an Announcement or Event placed on the Website/EBlast or you need to send a Troop wide E-mail, please email the Webmaster at webmaster@troop235.com.

Note: To protect the privacy of our Scouts, only members are allowed access to this site. If you are a member who needs access, please use the "Contact Us" link and provide your name, your scout's name, and an updated email address

September 2021 Parent Meeting Summary

Posted on Sep 16 2021 - 5:40pm

September 2021 Parent Meeting Summary

Dear Troop 235 families,

The attached PDF has a summary of the information presented at the parent meeting on September 14th 2021. If you have any further questions about Tree Lot 2021, please contact Mr. Swami (714-399-6263).

Back to troop night

Posted on Sep 16 2021 - 8:57am

                                                 October 12, 2021

Hey Troop 235 families, it’s back to troop night! Thank you for taking the time to make our troop a success! The following is a station by station break-down of what to expect and what you will need to bring as well as links to necessary forms.

You will need your CHECKBOOK and CALENDAR!

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, please visit each station (getting your Back To Troop Night Checklist marked as you go)!  After completing the checklist, turn in your ticket stub for the raffle!!! 


● Scout Registration:

○Pay the BSA Recharter Dues: Check payable to Troop 235 (may pay for multiple scouts with one check)

○ Turn in Annual Permissions Form (one for each scout, signed) Annual Permissions Form Link

● Adult Registration:

○ Pay the BSA Recharter Dues: Check payable to Troop 235 (for each rechartering or new adult)

○ Turn in completed BSA Adult Application (forms for new Adults available at the table, we require at least one adult volunteer per family)

○ New Adults turn in copy of Youth Protection Training (YPT) certificate www.my.scouting.org  


● Date all medical forms 1/1/22

○Complete both Participant (Scout) and Parent signatures in Part A

○Fill out vaccine information fully in Part B 

○Part C needs to be up to date prior to summer camp

● For each Scout: 

○ 3 Copies of BSA Annual Health and Medical Record - Parts A and B 

 BSA Health and Medical - Parts A and B Link

○ 3 Copies of BOTH sides of Scout’s medical insurance card 

● For registered Adult: 

○ 3 Copies of BSA Annual Health and Medical Record - Parts A and B (see link above) 

○ 3 Copies of BOTH sides of Adult’s medical insurance card 

● Please remember we DO NOT have a copy machine to make copies the night of!

○If you do not have 3 complete copies, forms will not be accepted

○Any questions on forms please contact Sara before BTTN at sarastew73@hotmail.com.



● All Adults:

○ Turn in copy of Youth Protection Training (YPT) certificate (required for ALL PARENTS due to Tree Lot work with our scouts and the new requirements since March 2018)

○ You may need a total of 3 copies of your YPT if you are a new adult and will be signing up as a Merit Badge Counselor. 


● Only needed for those adults who will be volunteering to drive.

○ Turn in Annual Driver’s Liability Form (one per driver or family) Driver's Liability Form Link

○ Turn in copy of Driver’s License (for each driver)

○ Turn in copy of Automobile Insurance Card (one per family)  

UNIFORM STATION (Tina Dutta-Ladva):

● Scouts and Adults:

○ Purchase any missing Troop 235 Scout uniform pieces or new logo-ed swag with the Uniform order form and a check to Troop 235 (order forms available at the table also) Uniform Order Form Link

○ Have any used uniforms to recycle? Please drop them here. Need something? See what we have!  

MERIT BADGE STATION (Mike Band & Nicole Boyce):

● Turn in completed Troop Resource Survey (extra copies available at the table) Troop Resource Survey Link

● Turn in completed BSA Merit Badge Counselor Application with a copy of your YPT certificate (extra application copies will be available at the table) Merit Badge Counselor App Link

● This is a great spot to explore some of the ways you can help our troop succeed!  

ADVANCEMENT/BOR STATION (Mike Band & Nicole Boyce):

● Sign up for a Board of Review conference (each family needs to sign up for one evening per year, sign up is available at the table and on the google form on the Troop website) BOR Sign Up Link  


● Our Tree Lot Managers will be holding a MANDATORY informational meeting after BTTN.

● Tree Lot scheduling will be reviewed, including Sign Ups on When To Help, schedule and shift times, Tree Lot jobs, set up and tear down.

● Many questions will be answered about this amazing time!  

Don’t forget to turn in your completed Back To Troop Night checklist for a chance to win a prize!!! 

Thank you for being a part of Back To Troop Night!!! 

Yours in Scouting,

Thon and Joann
BTTN Coordinators

Shooting and Rockets Campout

Posted on Sep 10 2021 - 3:36pm

Shooting and Rockets Campout

Friday group - Friday, October 15th @ 3:45 PM 
Saturday group - Saturday, October 16th @ 5:30 am

Planes of Fame Media Project

Posted on Sep 9 2021 - 3:08am

Attention Scouts!  The Planes of Fame Museum is looking for your help with a media project.  They are creating audio passages for aeronautical presentations at the museum and want Scouts to read and record them.

Joshua Tree Climbing Campout – Indian Cove Campground

Posted on Sep 8 2021 - 8:53pm


Meet at 5:30 pm on Friday, September 17th at Red Hill Lutheran Church Parking Lot. We will be leaving at 6 pm sharp. Dinner will not be provided on Friday night so please eat before we depart.

Arrival Back in Tustin:
We will return to Big Lots (Red Hill just north of the 5 freeway) on Sunday afternoon, between 1 PM and 2 PM. The boys will call from their car.

Campout Uniform:

  • Troop 235 Boy Scouts travel in Class A Field uniform (full uniform) until we get to camp. Scouts must wear their red hat at all times.
  • Scouts should also bring Class B uniform (Scout pants or shorts, Scout related t-shirt, BSA belt, BSA socks if wearing shorts, and closed toe shoes). 
  • Scouts should include clothing to climb – long pants, preferably jeans or thicker cotton pants (the routes at Joshua Tree will shred thin clothing), long sleeve shirts are also a good idea.
  • Scouts may want to bring gloves, thicker leather gloves are the best, that have a strap to secure them to your hands.
  • We will provide all other gear to climb (harnesses, carbiners, belay devices, helmets, ropes, shoes).
  • Sunscreen is a must for this campout.


Adult Drivers:

We need you!  We cannot make this campout happen without adult participation.   Please make sure all your required Troop Paperwork has been completed and turned in or you will not be allowed to drive any Scouts to Camp. All vehicles used in connection with a Scouting activity must be covered by a liability insurance policy with coverage that meets or exceeds BSA coverage limits. It is essential that adequate, safe, and responsible transportation be used for all Scouting activities. Please indicate when signing up how many total seats our vehicle will have. Thank you!

 Old Goats (Adults):

This is a favorite of Adult Scouters and your help is needed at the climbing site.    Adults joining us will need their own tent. We need someone to tow our awesome trailer and we need an old goat grubmaster please.

We would like all adults attending to take the E-Learning online training for Climb on Safely.   IT IS ONLY 13 MINUTES to make sure that we have a safe climbing site!   Just log on to https://myscouting. under your training.  The same place where you take the Youth Protection Training to take this course. The training can be found in the Training Center under Expanded Training and Program Safety. While we will have qualified supervision in place for the climbing activities we want everyone there to at least have basic climbing safety knowledge. Thank you!

WE NEED MORE CLIMBING INSTRUCTORS.  This is a good place to start your volunteering to help the troop.

Any questions, contact ASM Morgan Stewart (mstewart@manlystewart.com or 949-636-6120).

Tree Lot 2021 Lead Scout Applications

Posted on Sep 8 2021 - 8:47pm

“Attention Prospective Lead Scouts:

The Tree Lot Managers are accepting inquiries for those that desire to take on Lead Scout positions for this upcoming 2021 Tree Lot Season.  As you may know, this position provides additional leadership incentives for Scouts that have worked a select number of Tree Lots, and show the desire to lead other Scouts in those positions. 

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